Danielle Dobbs,
author and developer of
Imagic Programs

Her company is based in
Orlando, Florida

Member of the
Better Business Bureau
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Danielle Dobbs has dedicated herself to teaching children of all ages in reading, math, and French. Years of experience has made her an expert in these fields. She has a degree in Psychology and is most interested in early learning.

While studying Psychology at the University of South Florida, she pondered that if chimps could to be taught to recognize symbols and words, then human babies could perform just as well if not better.

Danielle was inspired to develop Imagic Programs when her daughter was born. It was then she realized the unlimited and magical learning potential of young children, as she was able to teach her daughter to read while still a baby and taught her a second language. She now teaches parents how to achieve the same results with their babies.

Her research and personal experience have lead her to conclude that " . . . if babies can learn to speak by age three, then babies can learn to read by that age because learning to read is easier than learning to speak." Danielle now consults and guides parents on how to teach their baby to read and how to develop a love for reading in their baby.

Some of her other unique products include:

  • The "COPY-WRITE Reading kit" designed for 3-year olds and up, based upon the Montessori method of teaching.
  • "The Imagical Power of Etymology" designed for 2nd graders and up teaches roots of words like no other method. This increases vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Danielle is available for private consulting,
seminars and workshops. E-mail her your request.

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